Simplify My MedsSimplify My Meds

We are pleased to welcome you to Simplify My Meds™, our coordinated refill program.

Advantages of participating in the program include:
• Increased convenience—a single monthly trip to the pharmacy.
• Peace of mind from being able to get medications on time and in one order.
• More personal contact with the pharmacist to ask questions and discuss medications.
• Increased understanding of your medication, its purpose, potential side effects and costs.
• Your prescription records will be easily updated to
reflect changes to therapy made by doctors or upon hospital discharge.


Jefferson Drugs offers the all-in-one flu shot that protects you against many of this season’s flu viruses, including H1N1.

This year we also offer Fluzone HD (for people over 65 years of age) influenza immunizations.

**The CDC now recommends that everyone 6 years and older get a flu vaccination.
**Did you know a flu shot can reduce your risk of getting the flu by up to 70%?

We also offer Zostivax (the shingles vaccine) and pneumonia vaccinations.


Compliance Packaging

We Offer Free Compliance Packaging

  • Organizes all your prescriptions, vitamins, and supplements all in one place.
  • Gives you, or your caregiver, the confidence that medications are being taken as your doctor planned.
  • Clearly shows when each dose of medication should be taken.
  • Comes in a secure, easy to open package – no more struggling trying to open vials.
  • Offers greater security. If the package has been tampered with, you’ll know right away.


Take Care of Your Feet

Comfort and quality are exactly what the doctor ordered. Our shoes, slippers, socks and inserts are designed to keep your feet healthy — today and tomorrow.  (Often diabetic shoes and inserts are free with Medicare)


Free In-town / Curb Side Delivery!

We know a lot of people can not make it out to the pharmacy due to health conditions and other reasons so we offer free in-town delivery.  We will also bring your prescriptions to your car if you are unable to come in.  Just give us a call.  We are here for you!


Medicare Drug Plan Help

Choosing a Medicare drug plan can be a complicated process.  Let us help you.  Each year we can give you unbiased options to choose from.  Come by or call us when you are ready to go over the available plans.  This service is available free of charge to all our current and future customers.